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 Lionstar's Nine Lives

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PostSubject: Lionstar's Nine Lives   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:28 am

Lionstar,then Lionmane,pads in from the entrance of the starstone and touched his nose to the stone and quickly fell asleep.

Lionstar's Nine Lives
Goldenmane(Fahter): Nobility
Robinstar(Grandfather):Wisdom and Quick-thinking
Greystep(Best friend):Speed!
Brairheart(Errm...X3) Love,Honor
Bramblethorn(Best freind who was murdered XP): Justice
Porcupinestar(Brother,died of greencough yesterday): Leadership.

Littlecloud and her kit:(Sister,Cloudkit) Honesty
(Kits still alive:Sharpkit,Thunderkit,Lionkit,Tinykit)

Starclan: Lionstar!Lionstar! Lionstar!
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Lionstar's Nine Lives
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