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Five Clans...One Path...Will You Make It?
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 The StarStone Entrance.

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PostSubject: The StarStone Entrance.   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:37 pm

*pads in still a she-cat named AngelClaw, lies down with my nose touching the crystal and starts to fall into a deep sleep*

~~~My Nine Lives~~~
SandStar(Friend)~ Courage
BlueStar (Friend)~ Strength
IcicleMoon (Sister)~ Bravery
TigerFur (Brother)~ Wisdom
MistyStream (Friend)~ Hope
Lionheart (Friend) ~ Peace
Dovefur (Sister) ~ Faith
Bloodfang (Brother) ~ Forgiveness
SnowSpot(Family friend)~ Love

*all of StarClan chant "ANGELSTAR ANGELSTAR!!!!"*
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The StarStone Entrance.
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