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PostSubject: Brokenclan   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:32 pm

BrokenClan is basically a cross between SkyClan and ShadowClan. We can hunt in the darkest forests, leap between trees, hide in the shadows,hunt birds and ground prey,and dig in the wettest of territories, and we are VERY proud. We absolutely do not stand intruders,loners,rouges,or kittypets on our territory!Brokenclan will protect their Clan feircly until the end,regardless if it is their OWN fate they are closing.We always check our borders,maybe more than other clans but it helps keep our territory free from rival clans and cats.We check every scent,even if it is our own clanmate's andwe make SURE no foxes or badger have found their way in. We are VERY protective of our territory and clan,we do not tolorate even the accidental paw step over the border and protect every clanmate. We are exceptional at fighting and have pads that can walk on jagged,sharp edges and inside marshy or wet areas,we adapt easily despite the fact we work harder in leaf bare. We WILL claw ANY cat who pads onto our territory or steals our prey,the only exeptions are kits wounded warriors.Despite the rumors or facts about brokenclan,we are very loving to one another and stick to the warrior code like honey on a leaf! We respect wise,older cats from every clan and often share new tricks or secret passages with one another.

Brokenclan Camp is a large clearing full of soft tall grass,only brokenclan cats know the secret entrance of brokenclan camp. Our Nursery is a large opening in a huge,grassy stone.Inside there is soft moss for bedding,the stone protects our young warriors and queens from rain,snow,and from being attacked.It smells of fresh grass with a slight trace of milk.

Our Warriors den is a large mossy stump that appears to be abandoned,at the bottom there is fresh grass that is cleverly placed ontop of the REAL den underneath,it was made by Lionstar moons ago.The underground den is a large hole with flattened grass as bedding.It is as easy to get in as it is to get out!

Our Apprentices den is a large tree with 10 holes along the tree,each hole is nesxt to a long sturdy branch and the tree has 5 holes and branches on each side,it is easy for young cats to get in and out. it's filled with soft leaves

Our Medicine cat's den is a very special den in Brokenclan.It is a hollow hole in a big stone in the ground by the Apprentice's den,the hole acts like a cave,the medicine cat has clawed little slots in the wall for herbs to be stored.A few moons ago medicine cats of brokenclan clawed and dug out a small hole connect to a small pool in the forest on their territory and a small pond trickles into the cave,it is lined by stones so the water dosn't overflow and the medicine cat may plug it or make it flow whenever they please.They use a stone to plug the hole and make the water stop,however,sometimes the water in the pond runs out and without rian to fill it up again there is NO pond in the medicine cat's den.(Also in leaf Bare the water freezes so there is no pond in there at that time either)

Our Elder's den Is a large tree with one hollow hole inside,warm light shines inside in the morning and it is full of soft feathers.

Lionstar's den Is the tallest tree in camp,it is also called the Great Oak. Lionstar lives on a long thick branch that reaches the ground.There is a hole where the branch starts,brambles protect the entrance.It has feathers inside.It is beside the highrock.

Brokenclan Territory: (Brokenclan territory is a mix of forests, small wetlands,and jagged rocky areas.)

Silverstones: Big flat silver stones placed by a stream,cats often try fishing from ontop of the stones.Grass surrounds the area.

The Marsh: A small marshy area Near silverstones,you can know your going towards it when the grassy area in Silverstones starts to get damp and muddy.Kits may not come here,they might get stuck in the marshy areas.Sometimes mentors bring their appprentices here to learn how to run,hunt,and fight in Muddy places.

The High Stone:A tall stone,a lot bigger than the highrock,where Warriors train their apprentices to fight and hunt on rocky ground,when climbing up an apprentice needs to make small and big jumps,and use their claws to climb on top.
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