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Five Clans...One Path...Will You Make It?
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Cat Info:

PostSubject: MoonClan    Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:20 pm

MoonClan is a cross between SkyClan and ThunderClan. We can hunt in the undergrowth, fish, swim, and we are very proud. We do not tolerate intruders, and will protect our Clan feircly to the death. We regularly check our borders for any scent of intruders. We are very protective of our clanmates, from the smallest kit to the oldest elder. We are very good at fighting, and we all have long, unusually sharp and long claws. We will claw anyone who pads onto our territory. Exceot for a kit, and we won't go as hard on apprentices. But if you are a warrior, you will leave with new scars.

Our Camp is like the ThunderClan Hollow in the lest books in the New Prophecy. Our Nursery is a jumble of rocks in a ragged, large circle. On top we have threaded brambles to protect them from rain. It is very warm and cozy inside, and it smells of milk.

Our Elders den is a large, fallen Oak that comes into one side of the Camp. It is very large, and feels warm and sweet inside. Beware of cranky elders.

Our Warriors /den is like a cave, but it has shafts of light coming in through the cracks on the ceiling. It is very large and nice. Senior Warriors sleep in the middle, the warmest part, and newer warriors sleep on the edges.

Our Apprentices den is a little ways up, and it is also a cave. You have to climb a jumble of rocks, and go in through the entrance, then you are in! It is very warm and cozy, and filled with moss and feathers.

Our Med Cat Den is a cave in the wall, where lots of light comes in, but not enough to see deep inside it. It also has a little entrance. You pad through a tunnel off ferns and bracken, and then you are in a small area that has five nests in it, next to a bubbling pool of water, where a small waterfall fills it. Then you see the cave entrance.

Our Leader Den is right on top of the HighRock. You pad through a shade of lichen, and you find a sandy floor. There is a large dip in it filled with moss, feathers, and bracken.

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